Harrington Bros Corp.
A trusted business partner. We work with finest property owners and contractors in New England. We provide our construction partners with the expertise needed to meet even the most stringent specifications-very often finishing ahead of schedule.

Technologies: We've invested more than $2 million in equipment and facility improvements, including a fully integrated estimating, CAD, and CAM system supporting IPD and BIM

Product Quality: We manufacture all our ductwork to meet or exceed SMACNA standards - preferred by Engineering Professionals and referenced in all mechanical specifications. We manufacture fire-rated duct work.

Production Efficiencies: Our machinery and manufacturing space is designed for the highest efficiencies in the region with fastest delivery times guaranteed. To speed installation on the job site, we label every manufactured component with a computer-generated diagram detailing it's exact installation point within the system.

Savings. Harrington Bros Corp. delivers value and savings through expertise, innovation, and the most efficient production facility in New England.

Team Expertise: Harrington Bros Corp. is lead by a team of life-long sheet metal professionals with a combined 100+ years experience. We have encountered and resolved every sheet metal challenge in the industry. We are able to provide options and solutions where others cannot.

Financial Resources: We are a strong and stable and capitalized to handle any size project. We have the materials purchasing power and bonding capacity to help contractors succeed.

Complex Work Experience: We have experience in a wide range of specialty work including clean rooms, hospitals, and labs. We've designed and installed complex, multi-layered systems requiring intensive and highly skilled work. Industries served include Medical, Research, Pharmaceutical, BioTech, HighTech, Institutional, and Commercial.

Green Building. We are committed to green building and reducing the environmental impact of our projects. We are fully versed in LEED requirements and offer proactive participation in the LEED certification process.

Workmanship: Our workforce is comprised of select and highly skilled union craftsmen who ensure that projects are produced to the highest standards in design, fabrication, and installation.

Innovation. We are problem solvers with the ability to find solutions to unusual needs and environmental demands. Faced with a unique client requirement, we developed a double-walled exterior/weatherproof duct system. Our designers and project managers can provide solutions to most any architectural or engineering requirement.