Harrington Bros Corp.'s Engineering Department is built to handle high-volume and seamless integration with architects, estimating, manufacturing, and logistics.

Harrington Bros Corp. staffs a planning and engineering
department with six AutoCAD workstations fully
networked to our Estimating Department and
Production Floor. We have the capacity and
personnel to provide immediate response for
any client engineering need. Our
engineering team reviews every
drawing in detail and optimizes
for function, installation, and
maintenance. In the
field (BIM rooms), we can deploy two (2) fully-equipped engineering laptops enabling us to participate in job site coordination.

Scheduling /
Project Management

Every project is tracked through a central Project Management system. All requirements including scheduling, production, logistics, and coordination are tracked in detail to ensure on-time delivery. To maximize installation efficiencies, every piece manufactured by Harrington Bros Corp. is labeled with a computer-generated diagram showing exact placement of that component within a system.


Our drafting department can manage any size project with immediate response. Our highly skilled personnel average 20 years' drafting/design experience, and every drawing is subject to a three-step review to ensure quality. We maximize compatibilities from architectural design through final production. We run fully updated and compatible design applications networked with our Estimating Department and CAM machinery.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We are ahead of the industry curve in helping owners and engineers reduce costs and maximize efficiencies by embedding systems intelligence (exploded views, O&M manuals, maintenance procedures) into design drawings. Our AutoCAD platform (TSI CAD Duct) is compatible with major architectural design programs including REVIT.

Integrated Project
Delivery (IPD)

Harrington Bros Corp. recognizes the tremendous cost benefits through a team approach to design and engineering. We have 30 years' design and installation expertise in the most complex of air-handling systems, and can work with owners, architects, and contractors in the earliest stages to produce greater efficiencies and fully coordinated buildings.