With a fully modernized 28,000 square foot production facility we deliver with speed and efficiency, creating substantial cost savings for our clients. Our space, machinery, and workflow is designed to move products and materials quickly and safely through the manufacturing process. We can handle production of the largest components and volumes with ease.
Harrington Bros Corp. constantly updates the equipment to state of the art standards.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Our CAM capabilities dramatically reduces setup and production times, and increases final product quality. Our coil-line and plasma cutters are fully integrated with engineering systems.

Fabrication Equipment

  • Coil Line: Our fully automated line increases volume and efficiency while reducing production costs..
  • Plasma Cutters: Three plasma cutters (one coil-fed for increased production) enable fast, high-volume manufacture of the the most complicated fittings.
  • Welding: Five welding stations ensure the highest production rates at any volume. We weld galvanized, black iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. We stick weld, mig and tig weld. Additionally, we have a mobile welding truck for job-site welding whenever necessary.


Harrington Bros Corp. manufacturers fire-rated duct work internally, and exclusively for our clients. We are not dependent upon third-party schedules and costs for this critical need, and we pass our savings along to our customers.

Quality Control

Harrington Bros Corp. produces quality. Prior to shipping, every piece is inspected for strength and quality. When required by specification, each piece is capped or wrapped to insure cleanliness.